Why You Should Take Part

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought about untold changes for us all. For those facing homelessness, it is a crisis within a crisis.

For Galway Simon Community it has been an immensely challenging time as we continue to work tirelessly to protect the most vulnerable individuals and families in our community from the risks of homelessness – and from Covid-19. Before the pandemic, our services were already stretched more than ever in our 40-year history, and with an inevitable economic crisis looming, we are bracing ourselves for an even bigger increase in the demand over the coming months. Our fundraising events have and will continue to be massively impacted by the current situation and our ability to meet growing demand is now in serious jeopardy. We urgently need the support of our community to stand with us to make sure that we can be there for those who need our help in the challenging times ahead.

100% of proceeds will go directly towards safeguarding Galway Simon’s essential Homelessness Prevention Services during this critical time of need.


The real impact of your support

Three years ago, Helen and her family were nearly made homeless. Faced with the reality of entering crisis emergency accommodation, they turned to Galway Simon Community for help. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, Helen, and her family moved into their Galway Simon supported home in May last year allowing them to have the security they need to firmly close the door on homelessness.           

Hear Helen’s story here in her own words.

You can make a difference

Helen’s situation was really heart-breaking, and sadly nowadays, it’s a very common one.

By registering to take part, you could help us to continue preventing people like Helen and her family from becoming homeless. The funds that you raise will go directly towards safeguarding our essential Homelessness Prevention Services which include a Countywide Community Support Team, a dedicated Youth Service, a specialist Women & Family Service, and a drop-in Resource Centre in East County Galway.

Some of the tangible supports that you could help to fund include:

  • €250 could provide a ‘home starter pack’ with the essentials a young person facing homelessness needs when moving into a home of their own.
  • €500 could provide 20 hours of counseling or health and well-being treatments which could be life-changing in someone’s pathway out of homelessness.
  • €950 could ensure an individual or family supported by our homelessness prevention services do not lose their home due to the uncertain situation they may find themselves as a result of Covid-19.
  • €4500 could fit out and furnish one of Galway Simon’s new Community Based Houses allowing a family or individual to leave homelessness behind them for good.

*To protect identities, the names used have been changed, however, Helen’s story is very much real.