Sleep Out tool kit

What makes our annual Sleep Out so special is the incredible sense of togetherness and unity that has become synonymous with the event over the years.

In order to recreate this intimate experience virtually, we will be keeping you entertained and connected online through the night with engaging & fun activities, including music, storytelling and mindfulness, hosted by friends of Galway Simon Community.

Use this toolkit to create a meaningful Virtual Sleep Out experience!

Never fundraised before? Don’t worry we are here to provide the tips, materials, and guidance you need to reach (and surpass) your goal!

The Virtual Sleep Out program will begin at 6pm GMT. Participants can follow along with our schedule throughout the night — registered participants will receive email reminders — or you can pick and choose activities to join on your own timeline. We will update you on the schedule of activities soon!

Read about the impact the Sleep Out has made over the past four years, updates from our incredible frontline workers and our clients who have turned their lives around thanks to support from people like you.

Watch video updates about the difference you can make, from participants from around the Globe as from our frontline workers who will take part with you on the night.

Keep up to date with the latest updates around this year’s Virtual Sleep Out! Here we’ll post special announcements as well as updates on the difference your support is making.